Progressive healthcare comes home

With our total care approach, CareFinders is transforming home healthcare in New Jersey.

Home Care For All

Everyone deserves proper care. That’s why our care professionals will help customize a care plan to fit your personal insurance, budget and needs.


CareFinders uses technology to help provide the best possible care. Our new Spark Total Care app seamlessly connects our care team for safer and more comprehensive service.

Falls Prevention

CareFinders is a leader in innovative ways to provide safer care. Our new Falls Prevention program actually stops falls before they happen, reducing accidents 71%.

6000 Strong

CareFinders has thousands of Certified Home Health Aides for personal care services as well as hundreds of Private Duty Nurses for more professional medical care.

On Call

Caring never stops. So, CareFinders is always available.

Enhanced Training

Many of our aides are trained in special areas, like Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Hospice Care.


We believe cultural compatibility makes for a better experience. So, we have aides that can speak in many different languages

Social Worker

Sometimes, solutions require more than an aide or a nurse. That’s why we are one of the few providers with a full-time social worker.

State Approved

Our Personal Care services in New Jersey are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Home Care.

R&R Centers

Short for Resource & Recruitment, these centers provide support for our caregivers. We are committed to becoming the preferred place to work because happy aides are better aides.

Who we are

Our leaders at CareFinders are an eclectic team of talented individuals from the home care category – and other industries. Each brings unique expertise and vision to the company. Our leaders share two traits: success in their fields and a deep personal commitment to making home care a better, happier option.
Photo of Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson, Chief Executive Officer

Jim has over 30 years of leadership experience within healthcare – including home healthcare, hospice services, interventional pain management, and physician practice management. Jim has been on the leading edge of healthcare innovation for his entire career. Prior to joining CareFinders, Jim served as CEO of National Spine & Pain Centers, LLC.  NSPC is the leading private equity-backed Management Services Organization (MSO) for the largest network of Interventional Pain Management practices in the US.  During his tenure at NSPC, Jim led the turnaround, growth, and sale of the organization.  Before joining NSPC, Jim was an Executive with Amedisys, Inc – the nation’s leading provider of healthcare at-home services.  At Amedisys, Jim held several leadership positions including President of the Hospice Division, Chief Development Officer, and Executive Vice President of all U.S. Home Care and Hospice Operations. More than just an industry expert, Jim is a transformational thinker and a visionary with the ability to energize and inspire. As CareFinders’ CEO, he is focused on accelerating the company’s explosive growth and advancing our revolutionary new vision for home care.  Like many executives at CareFinders, Jim’s commitment to home care is deep and personal. When his own mother needed assistance, quality home care made a huge difference to her – and his entire family. Jim adds, “I look forward to working with our management team, employees and caregivers to advance our culture of innovation, serve the best interests of our patients, and unlock the next level of our Company’s success.” Jim has a BA with Academic Distinction from Connecticut College and an MBA from Harvard University.
Photo of Martha Stuart Williams

Martha Stuart Williams, Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Williams is a national leader in Post-Acute care with more than a decade of C-Suite experience focused on improving care for older patients and helping them retain independence. Martha received her MS and PhD in Human Resources & Leadership from Louisiana State University and has been featured in numerous publications on these issues. Prior to joining CFTC, Martha was at Homecare Homebase, a home care software company responsible for helping home care providers across the country leverage technology to evolve their operating models. Before that, she held a number of senior executive and leadership roles at Amedisys during her 10+ year tenure. Martha developed her passion for caregiving early in life, working in her mother’s home care company. “As a young girl, I can remember going on home visits with the caregivers, witnessing firsthand the impact they have on people’s lives. Seeing a client’s face light up when a caregiver walked in taught me that we are often the most important people in our patients’ lives. Now, at CareFinders, we’re on a mission to help others and I’m honored to lead our incredible caring teams.” Martha’s positive spirit and high energy serve her well at home, where she and her husband are raising four children.  
Photo of Linda Mintz

Linda Mintz, Co-Chairman

As a prominent business advisor to companies in multiple industries, Linda was very familiar with the Home Care Business. “With the aging population, and pressures on cost effective quality care, the home is the preferred place to care for the elderly,” Mintz said. “I have parents in their 80s who have protested for years that they will never go into a nursing home.” However, she believed home care could offer a better array of services and provide more innovative solutions to care. So, in 2014, she and Sandy Hausner purchased CareFinders Total Care, with the mission to transform home care so that it provides a better quality life for the elderly. Ms Mintz is also the managing partner at LCP Advisors, a business advisory firm that provides strategies to companies of all sizes. Prior to forming LCP, she was a corporate lawyer at Weil, Gotshal & Manges and a partner at Greenberg Traurig. Ms. Mintz also founded and ran a health-oriented, specialty snack food company throughout the 1990s. Additionally, She has held investment banking and private equity positions with Citibank and Lioness Capital Partners. Linda is a frequent speaker at business conferences. She is on the Board of Directors of, and on the Board of Advisors of Atlantis Associates, a private equity firm. Linda graduated from Tulane University School of Business and earned her Doctorate of Jurisprudence from University of Miami.
Photo of Sanford G. Hausner

Sanford G. Hausner, Co-Chairman and Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

For decades, Sandy Hausner has been one of NYC’s most successful and well-known corporate lawyers. And yet, at the same time, he has always been drawn to the home care business. “I wanted to make a difference for those needing care in a dignified manner.” So, in 2014, he and Linda Mintz purchased CareFinders Total Care. “We believe home care can be so much more,” said Hausner. “With a comprehensive total care approach, our goal is to deliver better quality care more efficiently, avoiding costly hospital re-admissions, improving outcomes and bringing greater comfort to patients and their families.” Besides a Co-Chairman, Sandy serves as CareFinders’ Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel” as well. Through his legal career, Sandy has counseled domestic and international clients in over 40 countries. He has been affiliated with some of the most prestigious international law firms, helping to lead to the success of their global practices. He has advised governments, tech companies and financial institutions in a variety of privatization transactions, equity offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and financial restructurings.
Photo of David Waltzer

David Waltzer, Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, David is responsible for managing all of the complex financials for our ever-expanding home healthcare company. David joined us from Caring Brands International where he served as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. Caring Brands is a $1.2B Home Health, Hospice, and Personal Care Company with over 530 locations across 7 countries. David was responsible for all of the intricate and ever-changing financials inherent to the healthcare industry. Prior to Caring Brands, David co-led two different Dental Practice Management Companies as both CFO and Chief Operating Officer.  At Pinnacle Dental Management, he led the company’s fast growth by acquiring and integrating over 20 practices in only 9 months. At Clear Choice, he used his profound financial expertise to help develop this national brand of Dental Implants Centers. David cares deeply and personally about home healthcare. When his aging father needed care, he witnessed firsthand the difference a good caregiver could make. David’s other passions include what he calls the three B’s – Broadway, beaches and birds.
Photo of Sheri Baron

Sheri Baron, Chief Strategy Officer

Sheri is the strategic marketing mind behind the CareFinders brand. A legend in the advertising industry, she now brings a deeply intuitive and insightful mind to the home care category. Prior to joining CareFinders in 2015, Sheri spent 35 years in advertising. She helped found Gotham Inc., (division of McCann Worldgroup) and served as its President for 21 years, retiring as CEO at the end of 2014. She helped build brands like Maybelline, E*TRADE, Lindt Chocolate and MasterCard. An expert in brand positioning and strategic thinking, Sheri is working with CF Executive management to build a unique and prominent brand that can support the organizations growth and development today and into the future. She discovered the importance of Home Health Care when her mother was gravely ill and learned first-hand about the value of a truly caring aide…a lesson she has never forgotten. A health and fitness lover, Sheri spends her personal time with husband Alan, son Max … taking long runs to clear her mind.
Photo of Frances Pagan

Frances Pagan, Vice President of Operations, Patient and Caregiver Experience

CareFinders mission is to provide life-changing impact for our patients and life-changing opportunities for our caregivers. And the individual in charge of ensuring we deliver on our mission is Frances Pagan.  As VP of Operations, Patient and Caregiver Experience, Frances is responsible for the programs and services we provide to impact the daily lives of our patients, and our caregivers. Frances started her home care career over 25 years ago at Visiting Homemaker Services and quickly realized she had a passion for the industry. An industry professional, she has worked with Unlimited Care, Bayada and Loving Care Agency in various positions. Frances has also been a Board Member of the Home Health Services Association of New Jersey for over 10 years. She is the proud mother of two daughters, and grandmother of five. Her understanding and admiration of Home Care Services took on new meaning a few years ago when her own mother needed care. “Without their assistance, I would have been lost and overwhelmed. They were truly a blessing with her care.”
Photo of Damiana Gomez

Damiana Gomez, Senior Vice President of Operations

Damiana is the engine that makes CareFinders run. Her can-do spirit and broad-based expertise in everything from technology to facilities to administration and daily operations can be felt across the company on a daily basis. In addition to Damiana’s responsibilities for overseeing Central Operations across CF multi-state geography, she maintains management oversight for three of our largest branches in NJ. When she joined CFTC in 2014, she brought 20 years of operational experience and expertise at prestigious financial companies like Lehman Bros, Guggenheim Investments and Russell Investments. Born and raised in NYC, Damiana is known for her incredible work ethic, caring spirit, and positive energy. A multi-tasker by nature, Damiana manages to balance her CF responsibilities with being a super-Mom to her daughter Alexa, her son Matthew. While Damiana did not begin her career in home care, her quest for knowledge and passion for this industry has quickly made her an essential member of our “total care” team.
Photo of Irma Camaligan

Irma Camaligan, Vice President of Patient Experience & Director of Nursing

CareFinders is fortunate to call Irma one of our own. A Registered Nurse with over 23 years of home care experience, Irma worked in hospital settings until she realized “home is where people really needed to be in order to get better.” At CareFinders, Irma is responsible for establishing and maintaining the clinical standards that are essential to delivering excellent quality patient care. She oversees our extensive staff of clinicians who are focused on developing the skills of our Certified Home Health Aides as well as our Private Duty Nursing Division. “I believe we must invest in our caregivers and give them the tools, education, and support needed to provide the care people need to stay in the comfort of their own home. This is what home care is all about”. Home care took on new meaning when Irma was faced with caring for her ill mother. “I chose to bring her home, where I knew she wanted to be. I truly understand what family members go through when caring for a loved one and the impact a home health aide can make.” Irma sat on the board of the Home Health Services Association for over 10 years, engaging in industry matters, working with regulatory bodies, and fighting for the rights of individuals in need of home health services. In 2017 she was appointed to the NJ Board of Nursing by the governor.  “It is an honor to make decisions that affect consumers, nurses, Certified Home Health Aides and be a voice for the home care industry”.
Photo of Karen Dargo-Mullahey

Karen Dargo-Mullahey, Executive Vice President of Human Resources

Few people have more diverse experience in home healthcare than Karen. She brings twenty-five years of industry expertise to CareFinders, where she now serves as head of Human Resources. As head of HR, Karen is committed to helping our employees feel a deep sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction.  “Being the Employer of Choice is what I strive for, “said Karen.   “I have grown up in this business and it’s what I know and love.  Home Health Care is the right solution. “ Prior to CFTC, Karen served in a number of senior roles at Secura, including Vice President of Human Resources, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Before that, she worked for All Metro Health Care and Norrell Health Care in various operational leadership roles. She also directed Caregivers On Call, a backup dependent care solution for large employers handling national contracts, and spent many years active with the New York State Association of Health Care Providers where she held officer positions and served on state and local boards. Karen is an active member of the Home Care and Hospice Association of New Jersey and sits on their Medicaid and Certified Home Health Aide workgroups. A tap dance instructor on the side and lover of the arts and sports, Karen spends her family time with her husband Sean, son Shea (yes, she’s a big New York Mets fan), and daughter Riley out in eastern Long Island.

Our Total Care Credo

At CareFinders, we have learned many things about the art of caring. We ask all CareFinders employees to live by this simple code of care:

Caring is about a lot of little things. A smile. A “good morning.”

Caring is connecting. This can be through words. Or a hug. Or a simple act of kindness.

Caring is being passionate about what you do every day.

Caring is recognizing what is important to each individual. Maybe it is music. Or food. Or family.

Caring is anticipating. Thinking ahead …about needs before they actually happen.

Caring is remembering what people like – or dislike.

Caring is communicating. Keeping everyone informed and in the loop.

Caring is showing concern for the patient’s family -- as well as the patient.

Caring is, if you’re not sure, asking.

Caring is following the Plan of Care. Being on time. Sticking to the schedule and knowing the handbook back and forth.

Caring is about optimism. A positive attitude really is the best medicine.

Caring is contagious. We believe if we take better care of ourselves we can take better care of you.

Caring is matching the right aide with the right patient.

Caring is dignity and respect. It’s remembering that everyone is somebody’s mother, father, child or sibling.