As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, we want our community to know the CareFinders organization is committed to providing the highest quality care for our clients, while protecting the health and safety of patients, family members, and employees.

Our Coronavirus Task Force is working tirelessly to keep our employees, their families and our clients safe and informed. We have established new COVID19 procedures and safety protocols and are educating our staff on a continuous basis as information changes and new updates become available. Our Director of Nursing and Clinical staff are working round the clock to ensure that our caregivers and field clinicians have the information and materials they need to safely care for our clients while taking effective care of themselves.  We are educating all of our employees to recognize symptoms, identify risk factors, and integrate specific tips and techniques for minimizing the potential spread of infection.  We are also asking any of our  employees who may feel sick to remain home and avoid interaction with other individuals.

Letter From CEO

A message from our CEO, Jim Robinson

May 22, 2020

Good Afternoon CareFinders Family,

I am moved by the significance of writing to all of you on this Friday before Memorial Day - a day when we honor our country’s heroes for the great sacrifices they have made for all of us.  And, while the Coronavirus outbreak is a different kind of war, I believe we all share a similar appreciation for those who have been on the front lines during this pandemic, ensuring the health and safety of our loved ones and everyone in our CareFinders community.

As you certainly know, we have been at the center of the CV-crisis from Day 1, providing the essential services our patients and our communities need. I am filled with great pride at the work CareFinders employees have been doing day in and day out; each of you carrying out your specific part to allow us to fulfill our mission as an organization.  I salute every one of you for your dedication and commitment – you are our CareFinders heroes.

As the months pass, we are all aware of the rising desire to move past the Coronavirus and begin to return to life “as we knew it”.  Every day we hear more news from our state and local leaders about plans to ‘re-open’ businesses, parks, beaches etc. However, it is important to keep in mind that CareFinders as a provider of essential services, never stopped providing service. We are not working on plans to ‘re-open’...because we never closed!  Instead, we are focused on how to help our patients to come back on service and on providing confidence and comfort to our caregivers as they begin to return to work.  We are open and we are doing what CareFinders has always done – provide the best quality care experience to those who need it.

As a Team, we set high standards for ourselves - That is why we continue to evolve and improve our Clinical Protocols and Training; now providing care for CV-positive patients. That is why we continue to secure and distribute PPE at a level most in the healthcare industry only wish they could provide. That is why we are in touch with every caregiver who is concerned about returning to work to guide them and to make sure they feel safe about returning to patient care.  And that is why we are currently conducting a broad-scale assessment of every workstream in our company, from our branches to corporate to clinical, to make sure we have captured the lessons learned from managing through the Coronavirus outbreak.  Many of you have shared your surprise at how well you have worked remotely while others have highlighted some of the specific day-to-day challenges.  Since CareFinders is not faced with the decision of ‘re-opening’, we can instead focus on how we can integrate your insights into our working processes as we move forward.  And we will do this on a timeline that makes sense for us.  So stay tuned.  Our plan is to review all of the feedback and information we have received and be in a position to share more about our go-forward plans in early July.

CareFinders is committed to doing what is right for our patients, our caregivers, our clinicians, our employees, and for all of our families.  We continue to mourn those who have been lost and send well-wishes to those who are in the process of healing from this illness. And, we pledge to take the lessons of this crisis with us as we lead ourselves and our industry forward toward our new vision in homecare.

“As we express our gratitude we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”  John F. Kennedy

Thanks, please stay healthy … and enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend!


Jim Robinson
CEO, CareFinders Total Care

If you have additional questions, we encourage you to contact our 24-hour hotline.

CareFinders Coronavirus Hotline (866)740-0179

Healthy Reminders

As a reminder, we share the following:

Helpful Resources

Everyone has had their life turned upside down by the COVID-19 crisis. Our patients, employees and the entire community need information and support to deal with this pandemic. CareFinders is providing a list of helpful resources to help you through these difficult times.


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This crisis puts a mental strain on all of us. Here are a number of hotlines and organizations that provide free counseling, therapy and support.

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As we face these unusual challenges, it is important to know your rights.

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Information from CDC

The Center of Disease Control is constantly monitoring the situation. As the situation changes hourly, we encourage you check these links frequently.

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