As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, we want our community to know the CareFinders organization is committed to providing the highest quality care for our clients, while protecting the health and safety of patients, family members, and employees.

Our Coronavirus Task Force is working tirelessly to keep our employees, their families and our clients safe and informed. We have established new COVID19 procedures and safety protocols and are educating our staff on a continuous basis as information changes and new updates become available. Our Director of Nursing and Clinical staff are working round the clock to ensure that our caregivers and field clinicians have the information and materials they need to safely care for our clients while taking effective care of themselves.  We are educating all of our employees to recognize symptoms, identify risk factors, and integrate specific tips and techniques for minimizing the potential spread of infection.  We are also asking any of our  employees who may feel sick to remain home and avoid interaction with other individuals.

Letter From CEO

A message from our CEO, Jim Robinson

March 24, 2020

To the entire CareFinders Community,

The sun came out here today and it was good to see it again!

As we work our way through this unprecedented Coronavirus crisis, we have all come to realize what an important service we provide. CareFinders is truly something essential. Perhaps it has taken a crisis for us to truly appreciate this.

As expected, we are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases across our three States as more people are tested. We anticipated this and have been trying to stay a step or two ahead of the curve.

Our Director of Nursing and her clinical team have created new protocols that are helping us stay informed on the day-to-day status of both our patients and our caregivers, clearly identifying the steps to be followed in the event of exposure to the virus. Our protocols have been tested and we are confident that we are managing these challenging situations effectively.

If you turn on the news, you'll hear that medical supplies are in short supply everywhere, but we have made major progress in procuring immediate and on-going access to significant quantities of masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and other PPE supplies. We have worked non-stop since last week to set up multiple contracts with high-quality medical suppliers and have arranged for direct deliveries to all Branches this week and over the next weeks and months. We want to ensure that all of our Caregivers have the right high-quality personal protective gear for each and every patient visit.

In order to maintain seamless service and the health of our workforce, we have moved towards working remotely at most of our branches and offices.

This has been a significant transition for us and I want to thank you for your patience as we work our way through new processes and technology challenges. Overall, we are in very good shape. We're still scheduling our Patients and Caregivers and still communicating with our HMO's and other Referral Partners. Normally, Companies take months or years to plan out how to work remotely, but in true CareFinders fashion, we got there in two weeks - an extraordinary effort to keep us all connected through this crisis.

Extraordinary times require remarkable people and our Company is packed with remarkable individuals - all who have come together under never-experienced-before circumstances to make an enormous difference in the health and safety of so many of our fellow citizens. When we listen to the NJ Governor talk about "Essential Services", I think we all know exactly who he is referring to! So, as life goes on, I want to thank our caregivers and employees for their heroic dedication. They are doing courageous work on the frontlines of this crisis. Thank you. Thank you Thank you.

Please stay healthy ... and wash your hands!


Jim Robinson
CEO, CareFinders Total Care

If you have additional questions, we encourage you to contact our 24-hour hotline.

CareFinders Coronavirus Hotline (866)740-0179

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The Center of Disease Control is constantly monitoring the situation. As the situation changes hourly, we encourage you check these links frequently.

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