As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, we want our community to know the CareFinders organization is committed to providing the highest quality care for our clients, while protecting the health and safety of patients, family members, and employees.

Our Coronavirus Task Force is working tirelessly to keep our employees, their families and our clients safe and informed. We have established new COVID19 procedures and safety protocols and are educating our staff on a continuous basis as information changes and new updates become available. Our Director of Nursing and Clinical staff are working round the clock to ensure that our caregivers and field clinicians have the information and materials they need to safely care for our clients while taking effective care of themselves.  We are educating all of our employees to recognize symptoms, identify risk factors, and integrate specific tips and techniques for minimizing the potential spread of infection.  We are also asking any of our  employees who may feel sick to remain home and avoid interaction with other individuals.

Letter From CEO

A message from our CEO, Jim Robinson

September 2, 2020

Good Evening CareFinders!,

It is hard to believe that Labor Day is approaching and Summer is coming to an end. And while our lives have not yet returned to normal, I encourage all of us at CareFinders to turn the corner to Fall with hope, positivity, and renewed spirit. We may not be ready to put 2020 behind us yet, but we do have much to be thankful for.

We are deeply indebted to our amazing Caregivers who have been truly heroic throughout this year. Despite potential health risks to themselves and their families, our Caregivers have pressed on in their service to our Patients and continue to make us proud each and every day. As the true definition of 'essential workers', we are very pleased to have just announced a new rate increase for our Caregivers which recognizes their hard work and level of sacrifice. This is the highest base rate in the history of CFTC, and it is only the beginning of our commitment to deliver the best experience for our Caregivers. Stay tuned for continued innovation in our compensation, benefits and rewards for those who give so much every day to improve the lives of so many.

Great caregivers rely on extraordinary Branch Teams to guide and support their efforts Working remotely and doing whatever it takes, our teams pulled together to provide our Caregivers what they needed to remain on the front lines safely. From securing PPE to providing a virtual hug when needed, CFTC teams did not disappoint. Huge round of thanks to all!

Our Corporate teams have also been working diligently with our Branch leaders and HR teams preparing for some of our employees to return to our offices. I want to thank each and every one of you for your patience as we worked through the details necessary to create a safe and healthy environment for your return. Our re-entry plan will take place in stages and be carefully monitored. We appreciate your understanding as we work our way through this and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns through this period.

We know there is still much concern in our communities as we prepare for Fall. There is still confusion surrounding the return to school plans for our children and childcare concerns remain top of mind. And, although the rates of CV-positive cases in our States have fallen dramatically, we still must be prepared for a potential second wave of Coronavirus. So we will remain vigilant in our efforts to educate and inform and we will stay focused on what's important for our Patients, Caregivers and all members of our Team (and our families) as we work our way through the challenges of these next several months.

Although COVID took a toll on many industries, it is worth noting that home healthcare has become an even more desirable care solution. Many families are increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of placing family members in facilities and more of our MCO referral partners are looking for more innovative ways to partner with companies like CFTC to provide safe, desirable care to their members ... at home. With advances in technology, telehealth, and expanded clinical protocols, the home health industry has proven itself an even more essential service than ever before and CFTC is at the forefront of industry vision and leadership.

As a community, we at CFTC have faced more than our share of adversity this year. I am personally humbled by the commitment and the grace under pressure I have observed in our teams. From NJ, to CT, to PA , from Caregivers to Branch Teams to Corporate HQ, you have my deepest respect and admiration as we look forward together to a healthier and more peaceful Fall.

Thanks again for your persistence, your passion and your selfless energy.


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Helpful Resources

Everyone has had their life turned upside down by the COVID-19 crisis. Our patients, employees and the entire community need information and support to deal with this pandemic. CareFinders is providing a list of helpful resources to help you through these difficult times.


With schools closed, you may now need access to free childcare or childcare assistance.

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This crisis puts a mental strain on all of us. Here are a number of hotlines and organizations that provide free counseling, therapy and support.

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As we face these unusual challenges, it is important to know your rights.

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Information from CDC

The Center of Disease Control is constantly monitoring the situation. As the situation changes hourly, we encourage you check these links frequently.

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Here is the most updated information for Travelers; including travelers returning from high-risk countries from the Center of Disease Control.