Considering CareFinders has only been around for 26 years, its size and growth are remarkable. But once you understand the vision and commitment of its owners, you’ll know why it’s the fastest growing home care provider in the Northeast.

Founded in 1995, CareFinders was a small, privately-owned community home care company in Hackensack, New Jersey. The founders worked with Medicaid and HMOs to place Certified Home Health Aides in the homes of patients who needed care . They merged with other small agencies to grow to four offices in northeastern New Jersey.

Then, in 2014, Linda Mintz and Sandford Hausner bought CareFinders. Recognizing that it was increasingly difficult for a small company to meet regulations and compliance – and being personally committed to home care – these two viewed home health care as the answer to an aging population and increasing medical costs.

They created a “new vison in home care.” They challenged the old school ways of doing things that hadn’t changed in generations. They brought higher clinical standards, more training and greater technology to the industry. They created a “Total Care” service where the offerings were more seamlessly provided.

Since then, CareFinders Total Care has purchased a number of smaller agencies. Each one was fortified with CareFinders’ resources and clinical excellence to provide a higher level of service.

The success of this new vision in home care did not go unrecognized. Twice, CareFinders was honored by NJBiz as one of the hottest companies in the state.

In 2017, CareFinders expanded beyond New Jersey into Connecticut, bringing our new vision to a new state with different regulations and requirements.

Two years later, CareFinders brought their new vision to eastern Pennsylvania. Several different well-known Pennsylvania agencies have joined the CareFinders family of companies to bring a higher level of quality and compliance to the Keystone state.

Now, CareFinders Total Care is the fastest growing in the Northeast.

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