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Erika Duncan

August 28, 2020

Many individuals claim to be a “people person.” But, for Erika Duncan, it is actually her title. Our first ever Chief People Officer, Erika brings over 20 years of success in the healthcare industry.

In her most recent role as Chief Human Resource Officer at Trinity Health’s Northeast group, Erika was responsible for strategic planning, change management and transformational leadership at multiple hospitals and care locations, leading over 30,000 healthcare employees. Prior to Trinity, Erika held several executive roles at large organizations including Metro Health and Spectrum Health. where she led talent management, employee relations, WFM, plus compensation and benefits programs for 16,000+ employees.

At CareFinders, she is building a unique employee experience and culture in order to recruit and retain the most qualified workforce in the home care industry. The only thing greater than Erika’s passion for people, is her passion for quality healthcare to keep those people safe. Originally from Michigan, Erika earned a BA from Grand Valley State University and a Masters from Aquinas College. She and her family are moving to the New Jersey area from Syracuse.

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