Home care that gives peace of mind

Who we are

We are offering a complete and connected system of “Total Care” built around the patient’s ever-changing needs. This seamless in-home care provides superior comfort for the patient, more convenience for the family and greater peace of mind for everyone.

Cost-effective care

We understand homecare can be challenging and stressful, but costs shouldn’t be one of them. At CareFinders, our team will design a customized, cost-effective care plan that can evolve over time as health needs may change. While we accept a variety of payment options, private pay and long-term care insurance provide several benefits for those seeking in-home care. These include: 

  • Flexibility – private pay allows greater flexibility in selecting the types and duration of homecare services
  • Peace of mind – long-term care insurance provides financial security knowing you or your loved one is covered and protected
  • Cost savings – while private pay and insurance premiums can be higher upfront, it can save money in the long run compared to receiving care in nursing homes and assisted living facilities
  • Preservation of assets – long-term care insurance covers healthcare costs to prevent individuals from using a savings account or sell of assets to pay for healthcare

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A Modivcare solution

CareFinders is a service of Modivcare, a large healthcare organization leading the transformation to better connect people with care. Modivcare serves the most underserved by facilitating non-emergency medical transportation, remote patient monitoring, and personal and home care to enable greater access to care, reduce costs, and improve outcomes. As CareFinders is part of Modivcare, members can rest assured knowing a variety of their healthcare needs can be met, regardless of social and economic factors.  

Knowledge is Power

Here you will find an array of content that provides our unique perspective on the ways non-emergency medical transportation, remote patient monitoring, and personal care can positively impact health related social needs.

Our blog page dives into recent topics affecting our industry – from CMS updates to discovering how newer technology plays a critical role in health outcomes. You’ll also find empowering, heartwarming stories about ways our members are cared for and the role community plays in aging well. Some of our most recent blog posts include:

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