R&R Centers are an ideal location for training. You can learn the skills to become certified, or learn a specialty to advance your career.

They are also a resource for all. We offer career advice, courses and support. Stop by one of our friendly locations to learn about job openings, advancement opportunities, specialized training and new benefits. Or, just come in and relax. You deserve it.

West New York R&R Center

443 60th Street West New York, NJ 07093P: (201) 854-5557

Perth Amboy R&R Center

325 Madison AvenuePerth Amboy, NJ 08861P: (732) 507-5810

Passaic R&R Center

576 Main AvenuePassaic, NJ 07055P: (973)264-9972


  • Convenient timesheet drop off/gloves pick up
  • HR Services (Update info; Resolve issues; Benefits Questions)
  • In-Service Assistance
  • Rewards Program Management
  • Skills Checks/Refreshers if needed
  • Skills Enhancement Classes (ie. Hospice etc)
  • Mentor Circles
  • Career Planning
  • Technology Training (CellTrak etc)
  • Suggestion Box (Anonymous)
  • Rest stop between cases/child-friendly
  • County/State Benefits Resolution
  • Social Worker Assistance


  • Learn about why CF is the best place to work
  • Applications/Interviews/Career Planning
  • Orientation/Skills Check
  • Benefits registration/follow up
  • Reward Program Management
  • Training Classes/Mentor Circles
  • Technology Training


  • Learn about the industry/Why CF?
  • CHHA Classes/Scholarship information
  • Mentoring: From CHHA Classes through Employment
  • Licensing Assistance
  • Skills Training/Orientation
  • Career Planning

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