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Total Care Center For Caregivers

May 07, 2018

CareFinders launches the first ever Recruitment & Full-Service Resource Center for Caregivers.

CareFinders is firmly committed to “Total Care.” And that means taking care of our Aides – as well as our Patients. With this in mind, CareFinders has opened its first Total Care Center for Caregivers in downtown Newark, New Jersey. Another innovation by CareFinders. this new center is the first of its kind in the state. Aides and potential aides are invited to come in, relax, have a snack, and experience what it is like being part of the CareFinders Family. Anyone can visit and learn about jobs, classes, benefits, rewards and other opportunities … all for free.

Co-Chairman, Linda Mintz, says, “At CareFinders, we say we’re bringing a ‘New Vision to Home Care.’ And this aide-centric center is just another example of how we’re changing the industry.”


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